Guangdong Guangrong Bearing Co.,Ltd. is a new general distributor of NSK,which is formed because the fast developing economy of 21 Century in China.It is located in the City connect with Hong Kong of Shenzhen in the south and adjoined the international well-known city of manufacturing industry of Guangzhou in the north ----Dongguan where the economy is prosperous,the transportation system is well-developed. 

Guangdong Guangrong Bearing Co.,Ltd. sets up on the foundation of Dongguan Jinggong Bearing Co., Ltd..Its establishment gets the energetical support of NSK Ltd and has already become the important distributor in China of NSK now. It has a large number of comparatively neat stock stock and is suitable for the automobile , steel , electron , textile , chemical industry , electric tool , lathe and complete network of different machine-building with maintaining and using the bearing.

Company grasp aim of " the highest quality , reputation first " under NSK technical support. Carry on the after-sale service with the attitude of honest and hard work. while offering swift service to national customer, accept the orders of the special bearing and daily bearing in enormous quantities in order to meet the demand of customer's individual character

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